How Not To Approach A Women With Openers How Not To Approach A Women With Openers How Not To Approach A Women With Openers

Women Approach Openers
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There are many ways to approach women – This article discusses how NOT to approach women so at least you know what not to do.

When you approach women you want to seem spontaneous and unrehearsed. You want the women to feel at home in your presence such that there is no awkward silences and the conversation flows naturally from one sentence to the next.

However we all know that this is pretty hard to do with attractive women and practice and preparation are the best ways to stop from looking like a fool.

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 Pull The Ladies
You first impression is key to picking up women and you need to be on your game. This is why pick up lines have gained so much popularity. I guy wants a guarantee that he’s going to make that great first impression. Unfortunately there is no guarantee because every women is different.

Here are 3 or the worst things you can do when trying to pick up a women, or “pull the ladies”.

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 Being The Nice Guy

How Not To Approach Women – Being The Nice Guy

You would be shocked to know that many women go to bars with absolutely no expectation of buying any drinks for themselves as well as not inclination to get in contact with any of the dudes that buy them drinks.

These women trawl the streets in their little girly gang thinking their made of gold because they are classically attractive with 10 tonnes of makeup on and the latest clothes.

Innocent you comes along thinking that you are in and about to hook up with a hot girl and then she quietly moves off to the next bar. You are left feeling like a retard about just being played.

You are not alone here and it happens in every bar across town.

These type of girls just are not attracted to you if you are going to act like the nice guy. Sure there are nice guy girls out there but THEY DONT GO TO BARS! So buying drinks and acting easy will not get you laid in town. If you do want to go this club fling route then you are going to have to put on a game for the little hussies.

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 Cliché Pickup Lines

How Not To Approach Women - Cliché Pickup Lines

- Don’t I know you?
Come on… Is that all you’ve got.

Do not use this lame opener, women know full well that you have never seen them in your life so leave this opener to the douche bags.

Women can pickup remarkably fast on any packaged line you come up with because inside you yourself even know that your not being genuine.

The pros can pull it off but they don’t use pickup lines… they don’t need to.

Pickup lines scream amateur – this is not how you want to come across at all. There are many great openers and topics to talk about so leave pickups out of your dating repertoire.

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 Weak Openers and The Wuss Factor

How Not To Approach Women - Weak Openers and The Wuss Factor

When approaching women go balls in or nothing.

If you front up with a weak approach, heavy in wuss factor and low on confidence it doesn’t matter what your wearing or even what you say. The girl will take one look at your body posture and be repulsed.

If you have decided that you are going to approach a women and your wondering how to go about it just remember that it doesn’t so much matter what you say but how you say it.

You just cannot come across like you’re not in control of the situation because this is what sparks attraction in women and this is what will get you in bed with some amazingly hot women you never in your wildest dreams thought you could pull.

But you can and you will if you just learn to drop pickup lines, stop buying drinks and learn the art of attracting women the right way. No more wussy behaviour that your mom taught you ok?

Attracting women requires confidence and if you think you don’t have it then learning how to get confidence will be a fun and rewarding journey. At least now you know how not to approach women

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